Phoenix Danse

is committed to sharing our artistry in Philadelphia, throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region and across the nation

Phoenix Danse (formerly known as Danse4Nia Repertory Ensemble) is the professional, project-based dance company of Danse4Nia.

  In honor of Danse4Nia’s 15th Anniversary season and pivoting the structure of the organization through the Covid-19 pandemic, Phoenix Danse was born.


“Oh No Not My Son- A Mother’s Confession”

mines what all humans have in common—we all have mothers with whom we have a body-to-body bond, and we have a common response to a mother’s pain.  Dance is also such a commonality that is a catalyst to a corporal response regardless how it is experienced—directly through movement or indirectly through watching others move.  Broadly, Mothers’ Confession looks at mothers who have suffered the violent death of a child (gun violence, police brutality, gang violence, hate group violence, domestic violence, ravages of mental illness, and war) and the intimate and larger community that surrounds them.  

Production Staff of
“Oh No Not My Son- A Mother’s Confession”:

Conceived & Directed By: Antoinette M. Coward-Gilmore
Project Researcher: Dr. Joan Huckstep
Ensemble Choreographer/ Rehearsal Director: Wayne St. David
Production Manager: Pamela Hobson
Music Director: Damon “Mr. Dizzy Fingers” Bennett
Sound Design: Larry Fowler
Costume Design: Andre Harrington
Costume/ Wardrobe Staff: Candace Smith, Patricia Scott Hobbs,
Dr. Joan Huckstep


  • Stay Strong Ensemble- Molly Misgalla
  • Oh No Not My Son, Breathe TRio, Black Is Ensemble- Wayne St. David
  • Sybrina Solo- Sheryl Pollard Thomas
  • Lucy Solo- Nia Eubanks Dixon
  • Gwen Solo- Dyane Harvey Salaam
  • Lezley Solo- Hollie Wright
  • Geneva/ Sandra Duet, #Say Her Name TRio- A. C. Gilmore
  • Gianni Solo- Patricia Scott Hobbs

Mother Griot Research, Written Monologue- Joilet F. Harris

Casting: Antoinette M. Coward-Gilmore, Dyane Harvey Salaam, Molly Misgalla

Movie Premiere: Sunday, October 31, 2021 @ Danse4Nia’s 15th Anniversary Gala

Web Site Photo Credits:

Linette Kienlinski of Kielinski Photographt
Larry Dixon of Larry Dixon Photography
Tyrone Smith of TSmith Photography
Zebra Visuals
Jaci Downs Photography



“The movement and presentation had an affirming quality, and there was clear sisterhood.” – Walter Rutledge, Walter’s World

“An interesting mix of classical modern movement with contemporary dance elements and personal overtones gave the evening an elegant and understated tone. Danse4Nia’s voice nonetheless danced with power and purpose.” – Kariamu Welsh, thINKingDANCE

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