At Danse4Nia, we're committed to using dance to foster personal, cultural, and social change.

A Few Words About Us

Our Mission

We strive for excellence...

DANSE4NIA is one of Philadelphia’s premiere performing arts organization serving as the home to professional project-based, dance company Phoenix Danse, youth dance company Nia-Next and arts education/ performing arts training program Danse4Nia Conservatory.

Our mission is to educate, empower and create the next generation of well-rounded arts advocates and citizens by presenting exceptional dance works, collaborating with artists across genres and delivering high-impact residencies.

Dance For Purpose

In the Kiswahili language, the word "nia" means "purpose." As an organization, we dance for purpose -- to inspire ourselves and others toward positive personal, social and cultural change.

nurtered over a decade

Our History

Uplift, advocate and share...

DANSE4NIA (official name DANSE4NIA REPERTORY ENSEMBLE, INC.) was created in April 2006 by Antoinette M. Coward-Gilmore to uplift, advocate for and share the power of dance and the performing arts as a tool for change in Philadelphia and across the region.

Debuting “Assemble 4 Purpose” in the world renown Philly Fringe Festival in September 2006 with New York based spoken word artist Mo Beasley and International Turntablist DJ Razor Ramon, DANSE4NIA quickly became a strong performing entity, showcasing works from established choreographers the late Faye B. Snow, Shawn-Lamere Williams and artistic director Coward-Gilmore.

A whole new format

Currently Danse4Nia is in its 16th season.  However, DANSE4NIA during the pandemic of Covid 19, celebrated its 15th anniversary season with the presentation of the Grand Phoenix Pledge campaign which raised money to fund the re-branding, re-design and re-commitment to the excellence in performing arts.  


DANSE4NIA has upgraded our brand with a new look, new colors and new logos, re-vised our organizational structure from a full time, professional dance company to project-based dance company re-named Phoenix Danse.  NIA-NEXT is revised to our official youth company of DANSENIA and we have re-vamped our arts education/ performing arts training program to include virtual/ in person training in concert, commercial dance and musical theatre and once again serving as the directors of the performning arts department of Imhotep Institute Charter High School.